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LEGACY FLIGHT TRAINING’S Frasca M600/SLS SIMULATOR receives faa certification



September 16, 2021 -  Vero Beach, FlaLegacy Flight Training announces today that the company has received FAA certification for use of the new Frasca M600/SLS flight simulator in their initial and recurrent training curriculum at their training facility on the Piper Aircraft campus in Vero Beach, Florida. Legacy Flight Training is an Authorized Piper Training Provider for the entire Piper family of products and the exclusive Authorized Piper Training Provider for the M600 and provides simulator training in addition to in-aircraft training with initial training for new Piper owners as well as annual recurrent training.


Overall, use of approved simulators in flight training for sophisticated aircraft such as the Piper PA46, can provide pilots and owners with an advanced level of safety, in addition to in-aircraft training.  The M600/SLS simulator provides a realistic flight experience using an actual M600 fuselage, pilot seating, sub panels, switching and flight controls and multi-channel projection system with wrap around visuals. The Frasca built training device features M600 type specific Garmin G3000 avionics with Piper’s HALOTM safety system, inflight stability protection, level mode and auto throttle system.


“By allowing pilots to practice scenarios not ideal for in-aircraft training, our customers can achieve a higher level of safety and proficiency. Realistically experiencing and training in scenarios involving start sequence anomalies, stalls, upset recognition and recovery techniques, maneuvers in icing conditions, takeoffs and landings in gusting crosswinds, unusual mechanical failures, and more, provides a proven advantage to pilots of all aircraft,” said Bill Inglis, President and Owner at Legacy Flight Training. ”Coupled with our in-aircraft flight training, our complete training package allows our customers to achieve the highest level of safety, readiness and knowledge in their uniquely capable Piper M600/SLS.”

Legacy Flight Training provides training with a team of professional flight instructors with PA-46 specific experience and knowledge at facilities in Vero Beach, Florida (KVRB), Scottsdale, Arizona (KSDL), and Sun Valley, Idaho (KSUN).  Students registered for their recurrent PA-46 training (soon to include the Malibu) also have access to approved interactive ground training that they complete before their in-aircraft or simulator training. The coursework is continually monitored by a Legacy Flight Training instructor, and the student and instructor may additionally interact via web-chat as necessary.

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About Legacy Flight Training

Headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, Legacy Flight Training is owned and operated by Bill and Diane Inglis.  Since 2010, the company has operated the world’s only full-motion three-axis Meridian, Mirage and Matrix simulators configurable to Garmin or Avidyne glass cockpits, at their state-of-the-art training centers, now at KVRB and at KSDL.  Recurrent and initial, in-aircraft training is also available at Legacy Flight Training in Sun Valley, Idaho.

 The company specializes in Piper PA-46 ground, flight and simulator training, and is dedicated to building life-long relationships through unequaled customer service. 


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