"Confidence backed by knowledge."


January 18, 2022


Adam was great and helped me a great deal with my procedures. He taught me a lot about emergencies and the need to practice these in the event of an actual failure especially in IMC. He is very observant and teaches with confidence backed by knowledge. 

Thanks again and look forward to returning. 


Frank Lenzi 

M600 owner


Thank You!


January 16, 2022


I wanted to thank you and the Legacy Flight Training team for the great service provided for my recurrent training.  Adam was very helpful answering my questions and providing me valuable tips to keep me safe flying the M600.  The simulator was very helpful in demonstrating situations that could never be practiced in actual flight.  


Michael K. Medors

M600 owner


Praise for Legacy Flight Training


November 2, 2021


“This was my second time using Legacy for my transition training. First it was for an M350 with Michael in SDL and recently I completed my M600 transition with Caitlin. Both experiences were 10/10.


First I should say Diane went above and beyond with helping me reschedule countless times because of multiple delays with closing. She kept everything so seamless and was extremely kind whenever I would give the bad news about the latest delay. 


Caitlin was assigned to me and I had only heard good things about her from friends of mine who had used her in the past. I came prepared with a list of multiple fears/anxieties I had with flying. She immediately took note and planned our week around hitting all of them. I used her for my initial as well as my mentorship which totaled 25 hours and in that time she pushed me to my limits and had me doing the very things I was nervous about in the beginning. Caitlin is very knowledgeable on all the PA-46’s but I walked away from training with a much greater knowledge of flying in general. 




Stephen Mongie, M350 & M600


You have a customer for life


March 17, 2020 


I wanted to thank you for coordinating my training out in Scottsdale.  It went great, and the solo flight from Scottsdale to Virginia was successful even with 3 IFR approaches.   Jason and Michael were fantastic and the facility was perfect.  Close to the Best Western, and very close to Ross Aviation who treated me very well.   

I look forward to coming to Florida next March for my Annual refresher.  You have a customer for life.


Glenn Cobb

Mirage owner


Very high quality training


January 31, 2020


A big thanks to Legacy Flight Training and especially Mike for providing me with very high quality training that will allow me to safely and confidently operate the Meridian for my passengers and company.


Mike Smith

Meridian Pilot


Some of the highest quality training I have EVER received!

January 20, 2020

Last week I did Meridian recurrent at Legacy in Scottsdale with Jason Ottariano and I have to say, it was some of the highest quality training I have EVER received!

It has been many years since I have done simulator based recurrent training at Attitudes International (Malibu), Simcom (Meridian) and Flight Safety (JetProp) and when those programs were relatively new, the training quality was very good. As time went on, the complacency set in and I was disappointed with the lack of detail and even errors in what they were teaching and it was clear that the instructors didn't necessarily have very much in-aircraft experience in some cases. Well, I didn't ask Jason what his in-aircraft experience was, but it didn't matter; he knew the plane better than anyone I have ever met before! Such a good an refreshing thing to experience and I felt that he deserved some kudos here. Not only was his depth of knowledge of the aircraft and its systems extremely good, his ability to bring it full circle and apply it to the checklist and actual aircraft operation was second to none. That guy deserves some recognition for not only his depth of knowledge, but his ability to teach it in a way that is uncommonly good in this industry and that is saying a lot considering the pool of PA46 instructors that we have access to here is among the very best in the aviation community. We are very fortunate to have such good training available and this post isn't meant to detract from all of the well-known instructors in our group, but to shine the light on someone that I feel has been hiding in the shadows a bit too much. We all expect top quality training from instructors who's reputation depends on it, but in Jason's case, his name isn't tied to the brand in the same way, so my expectation was set accordingly and I was extremely pleased to find an unsung hero!

As for the simulator... After the first day, I hated it and felt like it was more of a distraction than a beneficial tool, but by the end of my simulator time, I also became a big fan of that. Jason was able to give some very challenging yet realistic scenarios that you simply can't do adequately in the aircraft. Sure there are some "sim-isms" that I wish they would correct, but overall, it made for some very high quality training. Good job Legacy!

Chad Menne

provides for a great training experience


October 24, 2019

Diane, just want to let you and Bill know how much I appreciated the training I completed with Jason this week. Everything about the training was great but I especially enjoyed Jason and his passion for what he does. I know he does many of these trainings and covers the same material over and over, but he never loses his enthusiasm for it.  It’s clear that he loves what he does, and that provides for a great training experience.


Robert Lefton

M600 owner



I am glad I spent the time in the sim


October 9, 2019


Please thank Harold for the great training, discussing a plane that I have gotten to know from the cockpit side over the past year with a pilot who has real mechanical understanding of the engine and system side was perfectly timed.  There aren’t many of those kinds of pilots around and it really appealed to the A&P side of my brain.  In fact, as I was passing through what first appeared to be a thin layer of cirrus clouds at FL230 my filter iced over and I lost a bunch of MP and speed started bleeding away.  No, I did not open it before entering the “visible moisture” per his instructions but I did do it the second I saw the MP starting to slowly decay.  I instantly switched to the alternate air door per my fresh training and what could have evolved into a full blown problem turned into a non-event. 


Thanks again for the class, I am glad I spent the time in the sim.  The long flight there and back gave me some practical extended cross country work and allowed me to practice some of the new techniques he showed me.  It did exactly what I needed right now by getting me to the next level of competence and allowed me to try unusual attitudes and emergency descents and maneuvers you can’t really practice, including my removing of fences at multiple airports.


Thanks again,


Roger Florkiewicz

M350 owner



Amazing what one can do with a quality education


October 9, 2019


Legacy did just what I had hoped for.  Michael focused on the issue at hand and help me better understand what the Garmin 750 could do, if I properly set it up. Flying back yesterday, with up to 92 knot winds aloft (slow ride) I was able to spend time reinforcing what I learned on Monday. In the process I was also able to do two approaches, in VFR conditions, fully coupled and all worked like clockwork. Amazing what one can do with a quality education, thanks Michael.

See you next year,


Mirage owner

Your hard work and dedication to keeping pilots safe

September 15, 2019

Thank you very much for the M500 training this past week. The training was laid out in a very helpful manner. I think that the order in which subjects were addressed in the classroom and the sequence of the flight training are beneficial and flow well together. It was a great pleasure getting to meet you and learn valuable material that will help me throughout my career. I was impressed with your facility as well as your simulator. Hopefully when we come back for recurrent training we will be able to bring the plane with us. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to keeping pilots safe, hopefully our paths with cross again soon.

Thank you, Gregory Ryczek M500 pilot

Quality training

September 13, 2019

Just a short note of thanks for the quality training during the Initial M500 in Scottsdale this week.  Michael provided the quality training we've been searching for after the acquisition of our companies new M500, Michael's depth of knowledge & experience coupled with his passion for teaching resulted in a superb training experience similar to that of FlightSafety and other well known international training providers. 

Moving forward we plan to utilize Legacy Flight Training & specifically the Scottsdale facility with Michael Hemmingsen for our future M500 training.  Thank you for a job well done.

Russ McMillan M500 pilot

I appreciate the preparation time, research, and professionalism

June 21, 2019

Thank you Jason!  I greatly appreciate the preparation time, research, and professionalism you exercised to make my training a very thorough and worthwhile experience.

Dennis Phelan, Malibu owner

We all know how important this training is when family, friends and your comfort and safety are part of the equation!

May 31, 2019

May 2019 and I just purchased a new Meridian M500 from Western Aircraft in Boise Idaho. This is my second aircraft and with flying experience that started in 1985. Although I originally worked with Diane (great gal) at the Vero Beach location, Pat Belokas, the salesman, Diane and I eventually arranged for my training at the Legacy Flight Training location at the Scottsdale (SDL) location.

Prior to my arrival, I spoke with Jason Ottariano (local manager) and we scheduled the training dates that worked with my calendar. Then met the morning of my initial day and was greeted by Jason with coffee and donuts. I was introduced to Michael Hemmingsen, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, my assigned instructor. Michael has been one of the most knowledgeable instructors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s certainly in his element sharing his extensive knowledge and background with aviation and the Piper products. Michael worked tirelessly with me to gain a understanding of the systems and operation of the M500.

The SIM time was indispensable and brought together the ground instruction taught earlier each day. This was time well spent and my plan is to continue annual recurrent training with this operation and instructor. We all know how important this training is when family, friends and your comfort and safety are part of the equation!

Peter Valenti, Meridian owner/pilot

Legacy Flight Training saved my life today!

November 14, 2018

I went through initial M500 training in June of 2017 and recurrent training in July of 2018.  All flight training during initial training was in the sim as the delivery of our new M500 got delayed.

On the last day of initial training towards the end of the last sim flight, CFI Dave DeSantis simulated elevator/tail ice with me.  I wasn't sure if it was part of the curriculum or if it was something Dave decided to do because our training had gone well and we had some time.  If it is not a part of the regular curriculum, make it a part of it.  Because, like I said, that sim session saved my life today.  During the week, there was discussion and training on icing - 130kts min speed, ignition to manual, stall and prop heat,etc.

Today I flew Orlando to Panama City and there was a line of light to moderate rain storms associated with a cold front.  At FL220, I got above it or detoured around the really high stuff.

On the ground 30 mins at ECP then off to Orlando at FL210.  Once airborne, I asked for FL230 to try to top the clouds.  ATC advised moderate ice had been reported FL230 to FL260 so I decided to stay at FL210.. OAT -13C.  At that temperature, I thought that any precip should probably be frozen and not stick to the plane but luckily I didn't bet my life on it.  So, stall and prop heat on, ignition to manual and window heat on defog well prior to entering clouds.  My ONLY mistake is I had not shut the autopilot off but luckily I lived to tell about it.

Once I started picking up ice, it became quite severe pretty quickly.  It took high windshield heat to clear that ice.  I engaged the boots, they expanded and the ice laughed and said "Is that all you got?" Very little ice came off so I commanded a descent.  Right away, the elevator started to oscillate a little and I heard what sounded like growling from the plane as well as felt a little vibration.

You can't fix a problem if you don't know what the problem is. Thanks to your training, I knew IMMEDIATELY what it was - TAIL/ELEVATOR ICE!!!!

I disengaged the autopilot and it took almost all my strength to push on the yoke to get a 350 fpm descent.  I discovered after fighting with it for about 3 mins that the autopilot in an effort to maintain altitude had gone almost full up trim.  So now I'm fighting to get 350 fpm descent and the plane is under 100kts.  I tried power setting changes but it only made it worse.  Eventually I was able to force it down about 600 fpm and once I rolled the elevator trim down and got the speed back up, the plane flew quite well until I got low enough to get rid of the ice.  But any attempt to go down more than 600 fpm resulted in vibration, growling noise and funky elevator movements.  Basic aviation 101 - something goes wrong, undo the last thing you did.

Had Dave not taught elevator ice in the sim, I would have had no idea what was going on and the time it would have taken to figure out a plan may have made it too late.

Thank you Legacy Flight Training!  You folks are the best, keep up the good work and PLEASE - if elevator/tail ice is not in the sim curriculum, add it.

Todd Parker
M500 pilot

Your training saved the day

September 29, 2018


On Thursday morning I flew my Malibu from Little Rock with my intended destination of Stuart, FL.  I had my wife and dog with me.  My cruising altitude was FL210.  Over southern Mississippi at FL190 the CHT on the #4 clyinder started to slowly creep up.  I leveled off the climb to 200FPM and reduced power a bit when I heard a big bang and manifold pressure went from 35 to 26.  I asked atc for a lower altitude while I figured things out.

This is where the training we did in the simulator together kicked in.  I quickly got into a descent on autopilot and started looking at the instruments.  While I was getting the descent established the engine stopped producing power.  The symptoms looked like a failed turbo, so as you trained me I reduced the mixture to almost idle cutoff and got power back.  I asked ATC for the nearest airport with services and they vectored me to the GPS approach to Greenville (KGLH), which had ceilings of 700ft.

I picked up my IPad to look up the approach plate and Foreflight froze.  I exited the app and go back into it, it froze again and then the screen went totally blank.  I then got my phone out and used the Iphone version of the app to look at the approach plate.  After a bit of confusion about waypoints on the approach I got established, landed.

This was an interesting scenario that we can talk more about sometime.  On the one hand I had an engine that could quit any time, so that would make one fly the approach high and fast with the wheels up, on the other hand I wanted to fly as normal an approach as possible to avoid a go-around.

When I turned onto the taxiway the engine quit.  It had a puddle of oil under it.  I found out later that the head of the #4 cylinder had separated from cylinder, which explains the manifold pressure problem.

I want to thank you for your excellent training.  If I had not had that training I would not have handled the situation as well and it might have had a tragic outcome.

John Haley
Malibu owner


Some of the best flight training of my 40 year flying career

September 24, 2018


I just wanted to thank you again for some of the best flight training of my 40 year flying career.  You have a natural talent, and a true gift for explaining concepts in a logical understandable clear manner.  I can tell you that is not a common talent.  Thanks again for knowledge that will undoubtedly help keep me alive.  I used many of the tips and tricks you gave me on the flight home.

Looking forward to seeing you again when my partner and my wife both come to train with you.

Dr. Alex Soffici
Meridian owner


The Training was Top-Notch

August 30, 2018


I wanted to let you know that I had the distinct pleasure of training with Jason Ottariano last week/weekend in Scottsdale. His attention to detail was excellent; the training was top-notch, and Jason was the consummate professional. After the very positive experience I had in Vero Beach during my Mirage recurrent back in January, I had high expectations for my training in Scottsdale--I was not disappointed. You guys provide a superb training experience and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for M350/M500/M600 training in the future.   Thanks again for the great training.

Dave Jesurun, Meridian Pilot
CEO, High Country Air Service


Fabulous Experience

April 27, 2018


I had a fabulous experience at Legacy Flight Training. I completed a 4-day M350 course with a client of mine. Piper sent us there after purchasing a new 2018 Mirage from the factory. The course was 8 hours of simulator in their Red Bird (great machine, ask the CFI to make it really turbulent, makes the scenario more fun with the sim rocking as you work through emergencies) and approximately 28 hours of ground school. Caitlyn McCarthy was our CFI. She is by far one of the most comprehensive and fun CFI's I've worked with. If I could give her 10 stars I would. When you walk in the first day, there are big screen T.V.s welcoming you with your name on it. The atmosphere is very welcoming and energetic. Whatever aircraft your training in, you can rest assured that after the completion of their course, you'll know the aircraft in and out and will be the safest one can be in that specific aircraft.
M350 pilot

Such a great learning experience

August 07, 2017

I really appreciate what you, Bill, and David have done for me on making my experience with Legacy Flight Training, LLC, one that is a wonderful, very informative time with all of you.  David DeSantis was very helpful, knowledgeable, and has a great way of teaching the ground school, flight simulator, and flying the Piper Mirage M350.  You definitely have a winner with David DeSantis, you, and Bill.  Thank you all for such a great learning experience, and I'll be back for recurrent training with you real soon.  Hope all have a wonderful week ahead.

John P. (Pat) Ross
M350 pilot


The staff has a real passion for instruction

June 21, 2017


Thank you for the training experience in the PA46. I joined Frank and Mary Yates in SDL for a recurrent event. As a Pilot Examiner, it was such a treat to sit on the student side of the table and learn all the pearls about the airplane that keep us safe as well as the subtleties of instrument flying using the automation as well as traditional navigation for redundancy. The staff has a real passion for instruction which seems to be harder to find in the industry. It reminded me of why we love this discipline.

Geoffrey Veneklasen
Meridian pilot



Could not have wished for better treatment

June 21, 2017


Caitlin did her usual excellent job.  She wore me out on the flight testing and was very knowledgeable of all the details of my Piper Mirage.
Could not have wished for better treatment.

Larry Schumacher
Mirage owner




I had a great experience with Legacy

June 04, 2017


I had a great experience with Legacy in the M500 and M600 initial and recurrent. They have a great ground school, can mix sim and in-aircraft training. Coming out of the training program, really did not feel like they missed anything important. Very by the book organization that hits almost all the gotchas. I like to train with them once a year.

Charles Ivester
M600 owner




Willing and able to understand the pilot's perspective

February 03, 2017

Our training with Jason [in Scottsdale] was fabulous! What a truly GOOD person besides being an extraordinary trainer.
Jason knows the PA46 inside and out and is willing and able to understand the pilot's perspective.
There were good conversations about why, when, etc. We finished feeling very "educated."
We would be honored to recommend him to other PA46 pilots.
You made a great decision by having Jason represent Legacy and you.
Our only regret is not being in Vero and not seeing you.

Chuck and Cathy Guschewsky
Meridian owners


Your dedication and enthusiasm to this industry...

October 17, 2016

Thanks again for sacrificing your weekend for a complete stranger.
Except for myself, I cannot think of anyone that would do this. This speaks highly of your dedication and enthusiasm to this industry.
Bill and Diane are fortunate to have you in their stable and I, as well as others, that have and/or will have cross paths with you should hopefully recognize, or soon realize that they are truly fortunate to have been trained by you.
My task moving forward is not to disappoint or let you down for the time and effort you put forth in training me. You have been a most gracious host during my time spent in Scottsdale and I thank you.

Mark De Hoyos
Meridian pilot


Legacy has made me a much more proficient, confident and knowledgeable pilot

October 14, 2016

The information and training I received from Caitlin at Legacy has made me a much more proficient, confident and knowledgeable pilot - it’s more fun and less stressful to fly as PIC after gaining the understanding and experience I received during our training with her.

Jay Laxson
Matrix owner


I can't imagine a more organized, knowledgeable, and personable training experience

September 25, 2016

We enjoyed your company, and I appreciate your full devotion to the training process, and your seamless adaptation to the experience level of your customers. I can't imagine a more organized, knowledgeable, and personable training experience than you provided.

Jeff Moore
M600 owner


It was not only educational, but it expanded my knowledge and affinity for Piper and the Meridian itself.

September 09, 2016

It is my pleasure to highly recommend the Legacy Flight Training Program!

My recent Recurrent Training for the Meridian was by far the most comprehensive and enjoyable training I have done to date. The Instructor was highly knowledgeable and was a pleasure to train with.

What I liked most about the approach was that it is Standardized. Aviation is filled with “Opinions”, "Urban Legend”, “Folklore”. It seems everyone has something to add to the mix. While that is fun for Hangar Talk, it really is much better to train By the Book. Get the exact numbers, the exact way the engineers who built the plane intended it to fly and to fully understand the systems and limitations of the airplane. I found that Legacy did just that. It was not only educational, but it expanded my knowledge and affinity for Piper and the Meridian itself.

I feel more confident and safer with the airplane, its capabilities and systems. I highly recommend Legacy!!

Additionally I found all of the staff professional and very easy to work with. I felt cared for an helped at every turn!

Brandon Marion
Meridian owner


I'm looking forward to next year's refresher course!

March 26, 2016

Thanks again for everything that went into my training. I feel very prepared to get up in the sky and continue learning in the real thing. Dave was also fantastic and did a great job of instructing in ground school and the simulator. I've had many different sim instructors and he is really one of the very best.
He never berates you but maintains strong expectations. I'm looking forward to next year's refresher course!

Matt Ott
Meridian pilot


I truly enjoyed the Legacy Pitch Hitter Training experience

February 26, 2016


I enjoyed meeting you & Bill and Sheena was wonderful! So professional, knowledgeable and patient. I truly enjoyed the Legacy Pitch Hitter Training experience and look forward to learning more about flying in the months ahead. The highly detailed laminated checklist you provided me is an invaluable tool. It is now located in the pocket next to Co-Pilot seat!

Thanks so very much!

Peg Soucy
Mirage owner


Brian was a great choice to have with us and was a lot of fun to have as instructor

February 07, 2016

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time in the sim last Thursday. Brian was a great choice to have with us and was a lot of fun to have as instructor.
Thanks again for the opportunity.

Jason Doig
Meridian simulator training


A great job teaching me about my new Meridian

February 06, 2016

I wanted to let you know that my experience with Legacy Flight Training was exceptional. You have a very nice professional family business with a great facility and friendly welcoming staff. Please let Dave know he did a great job teaching me about my new Meridian. I will see you in the future for additional training.

Barry Agosti
Meridian owner


First Class Establishment

January 23, 2016

What a great 2 days. I really enjoyed meeting with you and Bill and the time spent at your facility last week. You run a first class establishment. I also thank you for assigning Sheena Hoover for my training session. She demonstrated a high level of competence and professionalism.
Good job guys, I already look forward to my next time training at Legacy.


Jean-Pierre Grenier
Mirage owner


You really have a first class school

January 14, 2016

Jason, I really enjoyed every minute of the training that we received the last six days. You really have a first class school. I will be looking forward to training with legacy again in the future. Anyway, thanks again to you and Mike.

Tom Danielski
M500 owner


Everyone made me feel like as if I was a welcomed part of the team

January 08, 2016

I really enjoyed my time with you guys. The training certainly met all my expectations. Everyone made me feel like as if I was a welcomed part of the team and all the encouragement was great. The aviation environment that exist between Legacy and Piper at your location is something I wish I could take to my home airport. Again, the training was what I needed and I plan to see you next year for the recurrent class.

Gary Harland
M350 owner


Jason in Scottsdale is a wealth of knowledge

January 08, 2016

After being a Legacy Flight Training patron in Vero for four years, we decided to try the Scottsdale location due to proximity. The location of the Legacy training location is perfect. It is right on the Scottsdale airport (a wonderful airport) and everything (hotels, restaurants, etc.) is within walking distance. With the wonderful Arizona weather, the walk is nice after sitting in a classroom or simulator all day. We were a little hesitant about changing instructors as the instruction in Vero had always proved enjoyable and educational. Jason in Scottsdale is a wealth of knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else. He knows the PA46 inside and out as well as all the FAA regulations. Even being as knowledgeable as he is, he welcomes questions and is extremely easy to understand. No one will be disappointed with Legacy in either location!

Cathy Guschewsky
Meridian owner


I would recommend this flight school to all and I will return for any further training.

January 06, 2016

As for the course (Legacy M500 Initial) I can sum it up like this, tough but fair, great material, great instructors, simply excellent. Great primary instruction with a very big supply of recommendations and tips. Simulator actually works. Great to fly with! Very (very) knowledgeable with the M500 its specifics and nuances. I would recommend this FS (flight school) to all and I will return for any further training. Can't say enough about the quality and thanks for recommending. TD

Tom Denker
M500 owner
(Legacy Scottsdale)


More than once your techniques have been very helpful.

December 15, 2015

The Meridian and I are getting along nicely. I really appreciate your training methods as I apply them in real life with the airplane. More than once your techniques have been very helpful. My first trip in the Meridian was with the owner, at night, into weather, high altitude airport as the destination. What could possibly go wrong :) I kept telling myself, what would Jason do? End result.....trip was a non-event. Easy peasy. Tremendous confidence building trip. Keep up the good work Jason, you’re a good instructor.

Danny Carter
M500 Meridian pilot


Well worthwhile and much appreciated

December 12, 2015

Diane, thank you for the personal touch and the great instruction. You, Bill, Harold and Dave all made a difference. Well worthwhile and much appreciated. Congrats on your new offices as well and a quality company.

Best to you all. I'll be back to see the Legacy team.
Roger Hoy
M350 owner


Looking forward to getting in the airplane and applying the training I received.

November 01, 2015

Jason, thank you so much for a pleasant and professional training environment. I'm excited to have you and Michael as a resource for the Meridian. Still thinking about the course, material covered as well as scenario's in the simulator. Looking forward to getting in the airplane and applying the training I received. Glad to give a personal testimony to any new customer's that may be interested in attending training in Scottsdale. Best wishes to you, Michael and Legacy as the company continues to grow.


Danny Carter
M500 Meridian pilot


I trained with Dave DeSantis... he did an excellent job...

September 30, 2015

I just came back from a week with Bill and Diane at Legacy Flight Training in Vero Beach. Awesome.

They just had a software upgrade to the Sim and the MOR lever is now active as well as a few other new things to fail to keep it interesting. I trained with Dave DeSantis most of the week and he did an excellent job. Excellent experience. Great way to go through all the possibilities that can occur without trying it in the aircraft.

Mike McIntee
M500 owner


The man with the silly grin is me...

December 07, 2014


The man with the silly grin is me having just returned to Valdosta after four days with the fine people at Legacy Training in Vero Beach. I have been unable to take that grin off for a week now and my jaws are starting to hurt.

Legacy was a fire hose of information, procedures, flight profiles and repetition. I have now done numerous initial trainings in my life and consider theirs as the best I have taken. Their manual is very well put together though I strongly suggest you get Diane to send the electronic version a week or two before you get there. It's way too much to absorb in four days. Read (and re-read it) prior to the course and be prepared to focus on those areas you want. David DeSantis (my instructor) was a fountain on knowledge on the 46 and has been doing it for 10 years though he does not look a day over 20:)

Victor Maruri
Mirage owner




Legacy is a great training outfit, I just completed recurrent training with them for the second time.

January 08, 2014

Legacy is a great training outfit, I just completed recurrent training with them for the second time. Bill Inglis is extremely knowledgeable about the Meridian and they have great training materials. One advantage of the simulator is that you can do things you would not want to do in your airplane. My instructor ran me through all sorts of starting scenarios which if not handled correctly can result in very expensive damage in just a few seconds. Starting the airplane isn't difficult but you can't be distracted while doing so.

Akin Ogundipe
Meridian owner


I went to Legacy and and had an amazing experience.

May 30, 2013

When I bought my Meridian I went to Legacy and and had an amazing experience. What I loved the most was not that I got great training, but that Legacy welcomes you as a family member and Bill and everyone else, makes you feel welcome and they become a source for any question you may have. I went home and bounced the plane two times in landings and Legacy sent David to Cozumel! Mexico to work with me and refine my landings. I had training at many locations throughout my many years in GA but none like Legacy, they are a FIVE STAR operation. I cant wait to train with them again this year.

Jorge Valdes
Meridian owner


By the time we got to the actual flying, I was feeling confident in my ability to fly the plane and work the panel.

April 17, 2013

I am a 2000 hour plus commercial pilot with most of my time spent in a Piper Navajo and a Merlin III B up until 2010. In 2010, both of the older twins were sold and a 2006 Avidyne equipped Meridian was purchased.
Having only viewed a glass panel in airline cockpits when walking by and the one test flight I did in a G1000 Meridian, I knew I would need some quality instruction to get up to speed in my new airplane.
I signed up for Legacy Flight Training's 5 day initial and got to work.
Bill Inglis, owner of Legacy was my ground, sim and instructor pilot for the week.
The classroom sessions were spent going over all systems of the aircraft and how they worked. Normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures were all covered in great detail. The Simulator sessions were after the classroom each day and I was immediately impressed with the quality of the Red Bird Simulator. I was flying an Avidynde Meridian! By the time we got to the actual flying, I was feeling confident in my ability to fly the plane and work the panel.
Bill proved to be a very patient instructor that helps and encourages rather than brow beat and yell, trust me I've had to deal with a few of those over the years doing initial type, recurrent and BFR's.
By the end of the week, I was signed off in the plane with a fresh BFR and IPC, not to mention a whole lot of confidence in my new airplane and its capabilities. I've continued to use Legacy Flight Training for my recurrent training the past 2 years. In a normal year I will log over 100 hours of flight time and remain current with regards to IFR flight.
When I leave from recurrent training with Legacy, I feel that it has been one, a really good instructional experience, and two, a great value. I would recommend Legacy Flight Training to anyone interested in improving their piloting skills and becoming a safer pilot.

Tom Butz
Meridian owner


Never in my aviation ownership have I ever met people as honest, ethical and committed to customer satisfaction

February 17, 2013

I'm a recent Piper owner and bought a 2001 Meridian. My insurance company requested that I be certified in the Meridian and a friend recommened Legacy Flight Trainning in Vero Beach. From the beginning, their owners, Bill and Diane Inglis were amazing. They told me all about the airplane, were extremely excited that I was purchasing a Meridian and answered numerous phone calls even before I purchased my plane. Once I finally purchased N43VM they recommened Rick Peavley of Vero Beach Avionics. As Bill and Diane, Rick was amazing and friendly and never hesitated to answer my calls as we designed the best panel we could put together, two GTN 750 and GARMIN 500 with synthetic vision, Autopilot upgrade to WAAS.

I write this because I have owned planes for 30 years, from Cessna 172 to Kears 23, 25, 35, Hawkers and Kings. Never in my aviation ownership have I ever met people as honest, ethical and committed to customer satisfaction. In a world where it feels everyone is out to get you for whatever they can, Bill and Diane are the opposite. Bill did an amazing job of training me and my pilot. I had not flown in 7 years and Bill and his instructor David did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable again and getting me re-certified and legal. Bill even flew to Cozumel, Mexico to pick me and the airplane and fly us to Vero Beach for our taining. Their facility is second to none and the environment is upbeat, professional and relaxed. Thanks to his training I'm a proud and confident Piper pilot. I'm also proud that today I consider Bill, Diane and David my friends. I RECOMMEND LEGACY FLIGHT TRAINING TO anyone interested in flying a Meridian or Mirage.

Jorge Valdes
Meridian owner


Bill is incredibly knowledgable about the plane systems

October 12, 2012

I also just completed my annual flight review and IPC with Bill who came up to the NY area for my flying partner and me. Bill is incredibly knowledgable about the plane systems, has developed a volume of material about my Avidyne Matrix that is detailed yet understandable to a 1,000 hour guy (pictures along with explanations make it for me) and tailors his program to exactly what you would like to work on. We were fortunate to get real IMC, 400-600 foot ceilings at the airport where we did most of our work and a 200 foot ceiling on return to KHPN. Biggest problem was waiting for an alternate to become available so we could file IFR (finally Albany went to above 600-2).

Last year I wrote an article in MMOPA magazine about the benefits of training in the Redbird simulator at Legacy in Vero, including spin recovery, low approaches, going missed and ditching. This year not as exciting, but then again we were in the real plane, and I wasn't looking to spin or ditch! Both years' experience were fabulous and point out to me the benefits of getting training under a variety of situations. I think next year I will go back to the simulator in Vero and focus on emergency procedures - variety is the spice of life - and probably good to keep me interested in training and developing skills.

Marty Doran
Matrix owner


A Very Good Experience...

September 28, 2012

I wanted to share a very good experience that I had doing semi-annual Meridian training at Legacy Flight Training yesterday.

First of all, Bill and Diane were very flexible with me about scheduling and designing a program that was meaningful, could be accomplished without an overnight stay and fit within the budget that I had in mind. Moreover, when Bill designed the itinerary, I sent it over to my insurance underwriter and they approved it for a 10% discount on my insurance, which just about paid for the training.

We split our time yesterday between class work and the Meridian simulator. I like working with different instructors because they all bring their own style and knowledge base to training and Bill was no different. I can honestly say that I walked out knowing the airplane better than when I walked in that morning.

The simulator was very cool and very different than the one that I had flown previously. It flies much more like a real Meridian and the full motion makes a huge difference. We ran through a number of normal procedures, IFR approaches and emergency procedures including smoke in the cabin, engine restarts and spin recoveries.

I have a 2001 Meridian with dual G500s and dual GTN 750s, which has some similarities to the G1000 panel and some to the Avidyne panel. I opted to use the G1000 panel for most of the training and it was to transition to the G1000 once I figured out where everything was. Later in the day, I did another approach and went missed using the Avidyne panel, which was also relatively easy to use.

All in all, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again.

Abram Finkelstein
Meridian owner


One Satisfied Customer

September 28, 2012

I spent Sunday through Wednesday at Legacy with David.
With absolutle zero PA46 experience before last Friday...I came away with a very good understanding of the aircraft and how to properly manage a myriad of emergencies and normal procedures safely. I count myself as a very satisfied customer.

Kelvin Draughon
2008 Matrix N350MX


Bill trained me in my Mirage and...

August 03, 2012

Bill trained me in my Mirage and I do my annual recurrent with him. Living in the northeast is no problem as I have trained with him there and in Vero. Bill has all of the qualities of a great instructor: patience, encyclopedic knowledge and capability, and a wonderful disposition. I look forward to flying with him whenever I am able. Bill and Diane run a wonderful operation.

Fred Stelle
Mirage owner


Thank You!

June 10, 2012


It has been a pleasure to work with Bill over the years, and I look forward to continuing this professional relationship at Legacy Flight Training here in Vero Beach.

Tom Craig
Meridian owner


5 Day Initial With Legacy

April 23, 2012

I did my 5 day initial with Legacy, sim and in aircraft a year ago. The transition into the plane was a snap. I just finished up my 3 day recurrent training with Bill Inglis at Leagacy Flight Training in Vero Beach. The course was very good with 4 hours class room followed by 2 hours in simulator each day. The review of aircraft systems, operating normal and operating abnormal was top notch. The simulator was set up for the Avidyne and made all the emergency procedures easy to practice. I even made a deadstick landing from miles away, had to circle the field as I got back to the airport with plenty of altitude to spare. We worked through all the emergencies we all dread from fires, smoke in cockpit to complete engine failure. I would recommend Legacy to anyone whio is flying a M series Piper. It is also next door to Sun Aviation who probably works on more P46 aircraft than anyone else.

Thomas Butz
Meridian owner


Bill maintains a wonderful rapport...

June 21, 2011

"Bill maintains a wonderful rapport with his friendly and personable manner"

Billy McElwee
Meridian owner 


Just a quick note...

October 06, 2010

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the great training last week. It was truly a learning session. I especially liked the review of basics to determine if any areas needed further discussion. This required a minimum of time so that we could practice and improve important skills encountered in daily flying.

All the approaches into MLB worked out very well especially with the cooperation of ATC to minimize time between approaches. The information you gave me on changing the settings on the Garmin on the MFD plus the PFD in the event of a Garmin #1 failure was invaluable as if a failure occurred in actual IMC I need to be able to quickly make the change. I appreciate your time and dedication to improving flight safety especially for those of us flying our own planes for business and pleasure but are not spending the hours flying that a corporate pilot would.

I have been fortunate to have received instruction from you for a number of years and believe it has made me a much better and safer pilot. I wish you every success and believe you have a business model that will prove successful. Looking forward to the new Sims.

Jack Cantrell, Ph.D.
Meridian owner