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Piper M600 SLS Introductory Course

Online course
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This Course is a prerequisite for the in-person Initial Training for new M600 SLS owners and operators. It offers a brief introduction to your M600 SLS aircraft to familiarize you with the aircraft's systems, performance, limitations and operation. Access to this online training module is included with the purchase of an M600 SLS from Piper.  Upon registering for an Initial Training Course at Legacy Flight Training, an invitation to this Course will be emailed to you. Then, you will have thirty days to complete the two-hour course. An instructor will be assigned to help guide you and answer any questions. Please note, this course is not a substitute for the in-person initial training, its purpose is to prepare you for that week of training at Legacy. If you are not an M600 SLS owner, but are interested in purchasing the course, please call us at 772-539-0420. 

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