About Us

Bill Inglis has been involved in the training area of the aviation industry for his entire career as a pilot and flight instructor, and has been flying and training pilots in Piper aircraft since the 1990's.

Bill worked for SimCom/Pan Am Academy for several years as an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, managing and training aspiring pilots in Piper aircraft toward their airline goals.  In 2004 he transferred to SimCom's Vero Beach facility at the Piper factory, working as an instructor in more advanced aircraft, such as the Saratoga and the Meridian.

In 2006 Bill was promoted to Training Center Director and ran the entire training center operation. He supported Piper Aircraft with training until the Vero Beach facility moved operations to Orlando. He recognized the need to maintain a first-class training facility in Vero Beach near the Piper factory, so he decided to start his own training center, Legacy Flight Training, in March 2010 with a second center in Scottsdale.

Legacy Flight Training opened its doors in 2010 in the Vero Beach Airport Terminal building.  After 5 years there, we outgrew the space and moved onto the Piper campus, into Building 13.  We now have 3 full motion simulators set up and are enjoying our new home.

Our Scottsdale training center opened its doors in 2015 in the Air Commerce Building at SDL.  We have a full motion Meridian simulator there, and a Mirage device coming soon.